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Lardon Agency was established in 1883 by Eugenio Lardon a business man from Russia, who came to Italy during the transfer of the Italian Navy base from Genova to La Spezia which resulted in business opportunities. He initially developed his activity by assisting ships transporting coal and cereals which accounted for along with the marble export the primary traffic in the small port of La Spezia.

Staff Lardon

In our historical archives, there is stored the official agency tariff dated 1883, along with different documentation relevant to his role together with the public sector with regards to the Port Regulation Plan which he proposed in 1904. With his role as Alderman of the port he favoured the the preparation and infrastructures in the port to implement the growth of the rail transportation upto 100 wagons per day and the construction of quays to accommodate ten ships in the same time. All this in order to reach an annual handling of 800.000 tons of cargo per year. His son Giacomo took over the activity extending the business in South America and in the Indian sub-continent.

In 1939, the shipping agency obtained the representation of all the companies related to the Finmare Group, Tirrenia, Italia Di Navigazione, Adriatic and Lloyd Triestino and of other important ship Oweners in Italy and abroad such as Costa, Fassio and Zim.

In 1957, Luigi Cangini became an equal partner of the firm and brought new impulse with his experienced background and know how in the customs and forwarding aspect of the business. It is also important to remember the commitment of Luigi Cangini in the port development as President of the Ship Agents for four consecutive mandates as well as a member of the Permanent Maritime Commission of the Chamber of Commerce. He was also Vice-President of the Industrial Association where he always participated with upmost commitment.

In 1971, Dr. Giorgio Bucchioni became part of the Agency and it is with him that the process of the container development in the port of La Spezia began. In the same year, Contship Container Lines began to call the port of La Spezia and built the first lo/lo container terminal. Even Dr. Bucchioni devoted himself in the port development becoming first member and after President of the Permanent Maritime Commission of the Chamber of Commerce.

In 1988 he became President of the Azienda Mezzi Meccanici & Warehouses.

In 1994 Dr. Bucchioni resigned from all his nominations within the firm to become the fist President of La Spezia Port Authority and covered the role for two straight terms until 2005.

Our Agency represents Hanjin Shiping and Brointermed lines which have been calling the port of La Spezia for quite a few years and have consolidated a regular liner service; it is also strictly connected to the company casa di spedizioni Cangini.

In 2011, our Agency was awarded the 2011 Italian Shipping Award “Ship Agent of the Year” by Lloyd’s List.